Slide ABOUT US Southern Storm Paddle Club was formed in May 2012. It was founded by a group of enthusiastic paddlers who are keen to establish a club that combines a competitive spirit with an inclusive attitude. Home
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Run by paddlers for paddlers, our club competes at state, national and international dragon boat regattas. We love the thrill of competitive racing and the friendships forged on the journey.

Ultimately, we are a dragon boat racing team who love to paddle, get fit and enjoy each other’s company. We train all year round, so get in touch and get in a boat with us!

Slide 01. 02. Allowing members to get and stay fit while meeting people and making new friends. We are committed to Competing at the highest levels, State, National and International. 03. Growing the sport of paddling through attracting new people to dragon boating. 04. Developing a stronger club through growing the knowledge and skills of each member to support and assist the Club. We have around forty members across a broad range of ages with an even mix of males and females. Reflecting the makeup of our multicultural city our members come from twenty different countries on five continents, but we race as one team.




2022-2023 Season

We train on the water 3 times a week.

Southern Storm Paddle Club is an inclusive dragon boat team that welcomes everyone regardless of experience on our dragon boat journey. We want you to be part of ‘Storm Sisters’ and together we will make our boat sing. What are you waiting for? Join us!

Slide Do you want to see if you've got what it takes to work hard in a team? We offer the Dragon Pass introductory pass for attending any Come and Try or regular training sessions for 1 month to help you decide if dragon boat paddling is for you.

We encourage you to come to a designated Come & Try session for an introduction if it's your first time paddling, and then after that you can come to a regular training session if you are are up for the challenge.
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